My name is William McIntosh (b1964) and you've reached what will be nothing more than my personal site. This site provides for my interests and hobbies.


Main interest is Bodhi Linux (6.0.0, 64bit, hwe), quite actively used throughout the day, everyday on my main computer. Bodhi and computer are quite sufficient for my daily needs.

Going on road trips with a small hatchback car. But doing things on the main or hobby computer seems more likely to happen these days.


Next to the main computer, is an hobby computer that runs Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 and primarily used for Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Professional SP6. Visual Basic 6 experiences started January 2001.

This site will always be my hobby. Writing and editing content for this site is done with the main computer. This site will also remain basic or minimal looking. Web related experiences started March 2002.

Sites and Forums (also interests)

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