My name shortened is wimc and you've reached what will be nothing more than my personal site. This site simply provides for my interest, hobby and ideas.

I use the latest Bodhi Linux and its without any other operating systems on my main PC (bought 2020). This PC is used consistently throughout the day using various favorite programs, which aren't installed by default on a clean Bodhi install. Most common uses for this PC are maintaining this website, browsing the interent, some image editing and some video editing when needed. Bodhi Linux will always be something that peaks my interest, and its also quite sufficient for my needs.

Next to the PC above is an older PC (bought 2002) that runs Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 and used primarily for Microsoft Visual Basic 6 (MSVB6). Windows XP is the only Windows version I prefer to ever use.

— more about the older PC another time.

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